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The Airedale is widely regarded as "The King of Terriers."   They have grown to be known as the "do-it-all hunter" for the farmers in the Valley of Aire, Yorkshire, England.  The owners of Airedales needed one dog with above average hunting instincts and a heavy, weather-resistant coat.   The Yorkshire man combined the nose and swimming ability of theOtter hound with the spirit and grit of the Broken-Coated Terrier.  The dog needed the character to stick to a job, the courage and ability to kill all types of game, the capability and desire to guard his family and home, yet posses the gentleness and sensitivity to live as part of the household.  Because their owners needed so much in a dog, the Airedale Terrier was developed.  They are a perfectly-built, medium-sized dog.  They are athletic and well-balanced having the ability to hunt waterfowl and upland game for long hours under harsh conditions.  The most distinguishing characteristics of the Airedales is its thick, wiry, weather-resistant coat.  Another unique characteristic of the Airedale is the slight difference between the length of skull and the dog's foreface.  Airedales are intelligent and good tempered dogs. 

Activity Level
Airedales are enthusiastic, active, hard working bird dogs.  They require large doses of intense exercise and attention.  Airedales exhibit the stamina and gentleness to be the perfect dogs to exercise with horses. 

Airedales are exceptionally intelligent for the terrier breed.  They are considered by many to be one of the most intelligent bird dog breeds.   If given the opportunity, the Airedale will take to the field at an early age.  They are receptive to training at a very young age.   Airedales will show their owners that they can live up to its hunting heritage.

The male Airedale usually measures 23 inches, and a female measures 22 inches.  Since both sexes are so close in size, they are very sturdy, demonstrating well developed muscles and bones, making them great gun dogs.

The head and ears are normally tan, with the ears being a slightly darker shade.   Dark markings on either side of the skull are permissible. The legs up to the thighs, the elbows, the under-part of the body and chest are also tan.  The tan frequently runs into the shoulder area. The sides and upper parts of the body are normally black or dark grizzly.  On certain strains of the breed, a small white blaze on the chest is characteristic, while other strains of Airedales have a red mixture in with black.

These dogs make excellent family members and guard dogs.  They are gentle with children.  Their temperament makes them easy to be loved and accepted into your family.

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