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Gordon Setters

The Gordon Setter is the largest dog in the Setter breed.  The muscle development and large bone structure is demonstrated in their above average size.  Even though they are quite large, they remain active and are quite capable of doing a full day's work in the field.  Their remarkable strength and stamina far outweigh their lack of speed demonstrated during a hunt.  Their size makes them look outstanding and stylish when hunting.  The Gordon Setter is intelligent, noble, and dignified, showing no signs of shyness or viciousness. The most distinct characteristic of a Gordon Setter, besides its size, is its striking black and tan coloration.  Their black and tan clear coat can be either straight or slightly wavy.  It is rarely curly.  This breed of dog demonstrates many aspects of being a perfect gundog.  An avid hunter knows that symmetry and quality are most essential, and the Gordon Setter demonstrates this perfectly.

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Because of the Gordon Setter's size, they require avid amounts of daily exercise.  A large yard or open field is the perfect arrangement for proper exercise and training.   

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The intelligence level of Gordon Setters is remarkably high.  His loyalty, affection, and strong-mindedness are enough to stand the rigors of training.  Once trained, these techniques should be revisited occasionally to keep the dog in top hunting form.

The Gordon Setter is the largest of all Setter breeds.  Shoulder height for males measure 24 to 27 inches and females measure 23 to 26 inches. The average weight for a male Gordon Setter is between 55 and 80 pounds.  Females normally weigh between 45 and 70 pounds.  He has a strong, short back, and a short tail.

The Gordon Setter has a very distinct coloration.  They are black with tan markings.  The tan is apparent over the eyes, along the cheeks or muzzle, and along their throat.  They also have two clear tan markings on the chest, and along the inside of the hind legs.  The lower legs down to their feet also help demonstrate their striking coloration.  They have a soft, shiny coat that may be straight or slightly wavy.  They have longer, feathered hair on their ears, their stomach, their chest, on the back of their legs, and on their tail.  To keep their hair soft and silky, it needs regular grooming with a good brush or comb.

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The Gordon Setter is an alert, interested, and aggressive hunter.  He is fearless and willing, intelligent and capable, providing stamina and perseverance during a hunt.  Although they are even tempered loyal family companions, demonstrating constant affection and gentleness toward the children in the family,  they are below average watchdogs. 


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