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Italian Spinone

The Italian Spinone is a versatile hunting dog of ancient heritage with origins in northern Italy.  It has a very resistant, thick skin, and harsh coat, making it well suited for working in  the field.   The Spinone has been characterized as a dog "...that does not hunt for themselves but for their master" and is "not too fast in their speed while searching out game."  Their gentleitalian spinone & pheasant loadingdisposition and docile temperament make them an excellent family companion as well.  The Spinone Italiano or Italian Pointer is Italy's all-purpose hunting dog, often referred to as a "Griffon," since that name formerly designated the hunting dogs of all continental Europe.  Actually, the dog is a Pointer of the old school, that is, a rather slow-footed dog similar to those used prior to the era of wing shooting.  Almost every country in Europe has had its Pointer for at least three centuries, and each developed the dog in its own locality according to climate, need and changing times. The Piedmonte district of Northwest Italy is primarily responsible for the Spinone's development into an all-purpose dog.  These dogs are said to outrank all other Italian gun dogs as a highly efficient worker.

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Italian Spinones are enthusiastic, but slightly slower than most bird dogs.  They are however hard workers and will be loyal to their masters.  They need moderate amounts of attention, and training in order for them to stay in top conditioning form during the hunting season.

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Italian Spinone owners know of their dog's keen, very intelligent expressions.  They are extremely smart gundogs.  They are one of the most loyal breed of gundogs, and any avid hunter truly appreciates this characteristic in a well-developed hunting dog.

Average height for the Italian Spinone for both male anditalian_spinone_picture _loading female genders range from 20 to 26 inches at the shoulder. Their weight is usually between 50 and 60 pounds.  The female genders are of course smaller than the male, as with all animals.

The Spinone, unlike many gundogs, do not have a wide variety of colors.   There are only three varieties of the Italian Spinone.  They are either solid white, solid white with yellow patches, or solid white with dark brown patches.  The coat is weather-proof, short, rough and hard, tending to be wiry but never woolly or curly.  They are also quite bushy over the eyes.  Their coats need daily brushing with a good wire brush or comb.

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The Italian Spinone is know for its calm, docile, demeanor, making them a great addition to any family.  They are very gentle dogs with great amounts of loyalty and compassion to give to their owner.


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