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The Weimaraner is an excellent gundog.  These well-defined, well-muscled, medium to large-sized dogs, posses a natural athletic hunting talent.  They are bred to have speed and quickness when pointing, flushing or retrieving.  The  Weimaraners' high endurance level and loyalty enables them to function well as a great pointing andretrieving dog.  These dogs will work hard and long for their owners, because they are so willing to please.  The distinguishing characteristics that make a Weimaraner different than other bird dog breeds is its short, sleek,  soft, and shiny silver or blue coat.   This makes them a very beautiful dog!  The Weimaraners' temperament and loyalty  make them exceptional house dogs, and great watch dogs. The biggest difference between the Weimaraner and most other versatile gundogs is that Weimaraners cannot be kept in the backyard kennel between hunting seasons.  They require human companionship because hunting is only one facet of their total partnership with people.  Most Weimaraners hunt because it is absolutely the best activity they can share with the people they love.

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Weimaraners are very loyal, enthusiastic, hard working, bird dogs.  Most require large amounts of attention, exercise, and training.  Their speed and agility will be demonstrated when playing or training in a field or large yard.  Most need increased amounts of exercise to keep from becoming out-of-shape and obese. 

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The Weimaraner's intelligence allows them to excel in obedience and respond well to training.  Daily training techniques in pointing, flushing and retrieving are second nature to these dogs.   They are easily trained because they are so willing to please their owner.   They love to work hard for you, and play hard with you.

The male dog usually measure approximately 25 to 27 inches in height at the shoulder.  They weigh between 75 and 90 pounds.  The female measures slightly less at 23 to 25 inches and weighs up to 80 pounds. Both sexes are sturdy and well defined, making them great gundogs.

Weimaraners are solid colors coming in shades of mouse-grey, silver-gray, or blue-steel. 

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The Weimaraners' temperament is outstanding.  They are well-mannered, loyal dogs.  You will be proud of their natural instinct to be a watchdog.   You can trust these dogs around children as well.  They make exceptional housedogs, unless left to become bored.  You can count on these dogs to be a perfect addition to the family.

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