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Some Useful Dove Hunting Information

A dove's diet consists almost entirely of seeds from cultivated fields and weeds along fence rows. Dove generally do not feed in areas containing heavy, densely-matted vegetation.   Instead they prefer bare ground on which seeds are plentiful.

Dove are primarily farm game birds that thrive where grain crops are grown and require open or semi-open lands.  Dove can travel considerable distances in search of food, water, and gravel, but prefer easy access to them. Since the dove is a migratory species, local environmental changes generally do not limit their ability to survive. 

If you are hunting in the afternoon, it is usually advantageous to hunt near a body of water.  Dove will normally feed in the morning and afternoon and are notorious for heading to the nearest watering hole for a drink prior to going to roost.  This strategy, while not fool proof, can help a hunter get their limit.  

Normally the best times to hunt dove are early in the morning when they are leaving their roost in search of food, or in the evening after they have fed and are heading  to roost.

Some of the most ideal hunting areas are large, open cultivated fields containing several bodies of water. 

If you are interested in experiencing a dove hunt for yourself, or you are looking for a new hunting location that have these attributes, visit the Ultimate Hunt's lease section.  The hunting lease section of the site has a large list of bird hunting leases at very reasonable prices.  We also recommend you visit Kinney Farm's website if you are interested in hunting dove in South Texas.

Common Dove

Mourning Dove
(Zenaida macroura)

White-Winged Dove

(Zenaida asiatica)

White-Tipped Dove
(Leptotila verreauxi)


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