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Quail Hunting
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Mearn's Quail also called Montezuma or Harlequin quail, are found in the Southwest from Southern Arizona to Texas and Mexico. They seem to prefer open woodland mountain slopes and bunch grassy slopes. The male has distinctive harlequin marked face pattern and somewhat bug-eyed look. He also has a slight crest, but often not erect. Heavy white spotting on flanks. The female is duller in color with a brown face: has subtle pattern of male. Both sexes are short tailed.

South Texas Quail Hunt
South Texas Quail Hunting

If you are interested in leasing your land for quail hunting, or being listed on this site, please let us know.  Send info about your lease to

Common Quail

Find out more about some of the common species of quail.

South Texas
Quail Hunt

South Texas Quail Hunting

South Texas

Kinney Farms Whitewing and Morning Dove Hunts

South Texas
Duck Hunt

Duck Hunting


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South Texas Quail Hunts